Session FAQ's


Session FAQ's

what happens after my session?

After your session you will receive your Session Portfolio by mail within 10 business days. You will be able to view all your session previews, portrait packages and specialty products. Inside the Session Portfolio book will be your online access code where you can order online and view your previews as well. This will be located on Page 2 of your portfolio book.


You can reschedule online at least 24 hours in advance. If you're booked for a Senior Experience, Environmental Session, Barnyard Session or Two wheels-Four wheels we require cancellations made a day before. 
*Cancellations made on the same day are subject to a $25 fee.*


Can I reschedule my auto-booked appointment?

Yes! We automatically book all seniors an appointment to ensure you meet your high school deadline. If you cannot make the pre-scheduled session you can reschedule by clicking the above button "Book Appointments" or call our studio for assistance. Reschedules cannot be done by email.


We want your senior portraits to be the best! Retakes are available with normal session fees. If you are retaking your yearbook portrait for your schools yearbook, this must be done before your yearbook deadline!

Do i need an appointment to take my portraits?

Yes, we are appointment based. To book an appointment either go online or call our studio.


You are your best critic, so the choice is yours! At the end of your session, you will have the ability to choose your favorite pose. Poses can be changed after your session in person only. These changes must be done before your yearbook deadline. Changes will not be accepted after.

*Emailed forms, mailed forms or faxed forms will not be accepted. Changes require a signature and to ensure the new selection is submitted. 


Yes, please arrive with your nails groomed or polished. No retouching is available for chipped nail polish.

What if i am running late for my session?

Please call us ahead of time if you are going to be late for your appointment. If you are running more than 20 minutes late there will be a wait until the next available time. If you are booked for multiple outfits and are running late we may have to reschedule your additional outfits for another day. Please arrive early!

What if i booked for a larger session but want to downsize?

If you are booked for a longer session and wish to downsize your session we require these changes to be made beforehand. Please call us to make the necessary changes.

do you offer off- site sessions?

Yes! Please call our studio for more information

do i have to take my senior portraits at your studio?

In order to be in your high school's yearbook you must be photographed by Now and Forever Studios. 

Can i book a family portraits session during the same time as my senior's session?

Unfortunately not. If you wish to book a Family session with us please call our studio and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Do you retouch sunburns or tan lines?

No, please book your appointment when you have minimal to no tan lines or sunburns. If you are photographed and are unhappy you can retake your portraits. Session fees apply.


If I book for a senior experience can i use my other outfit for a buddy or for a two wheels-four wheels session?

Unfortunately not. A buddy session, barnyard session, two wheels-four wheels are all add on sessions. You can book your session accordingly and then "add on" whichever session you are looking for. If you need assistance with booking please call our Studio.

What are the options for a family portrait session?

We offer 3 different options for a Family portrait session. We have in studio photographed on a white wall, outdoors at Vasona Lake Park or off-site location options available. Please call our studio for more information on pricing and availability.

Are my pictures retouched?

Your proofs you receive are not retouched. Basic retouching will be done upon ordering and for your yearbook picture. Basic retouching is: fly-away hairs, color correction, cropping, and skin blemishes. Any special retouching is at an additional cost. Please call for more information.

When is the best time to book for an environmental session?

If you are booking an environmental session over the summer we recommend booking in the morning. This refrains from shiny faces from makeup or reflection on your face. 

Are you open saturdays for appointments?

We are open select Saturdays. Please call our studio for more information. 

** Saturday appointments are highly requested and book up fast. If you wish to have a Saturday date we recommend booking a few weeks or more in advance.



Bring your parent or buddy if you wish! As well as the payment fee for your session. 
Females: Bring a strapless top and have your hair and makeup done before you arrive. There will be a short period of time you are able to touch up before your session begins.
Males: Bring a plain white t-shirt. 
Please refrain from using shiny hair gel. For additional session options please bring your own clothes and any jewelry you wish to wear.

what should i wear for a cap and gown casual session?

Ladies it is important that you wear attire that cannot be seen from the knees down. Skinny jeans should be avoided as they cannot be rolled up above the knee. Bring a pair of shorts!

Where do i go for my senior portraits?

Senior portraits are taken at our studio NOT your school. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete the required paperwork before your session.

Please note- Book your session with enough time, we can not control whether the session will take longer or not. 

what if i don't like the required yearbook attire?

Your school sets the guidelines for your yearbook attire. If you wish to be in your school's yearbook you MUST be photographed in the required attire. 

your sessions include the cap and gown traditional, do i have to be photographed in that attire?

No. However each session comes standard with the yearbook attire and cap and gown. If you wish to not be photographed in the cap and gown there are no discounts or attire changes. 

What if i have twins can i book only one session for both?

No, we require each student be booked individually. This will allow enough time for both to be photographed appropriately. If you are having trouble finding a time for both please call us.

do you retouch braces?

We do not retouch braces as it appears to look unnatural. If your braces are being removed before your school's deadline we recommend waiting. If they are not being removed before your deadline you can be photographed for the yearbook and schedule another session later.

what if i do not want to order any pictures and only take my yearbook portrait?

If you wish to not order any portraits or take any additional sessions you can opt for a Yearbook Only Session. This is a free session in which only 3-4 pictures will be taken. You will choose your yearbook portrait that day and we will submit it to your school for you. Please know, no images will be available for you to view and buy. If you wish to purchase any portraits you would either schedule a regular session or you can opt to pay the session fee later.

do you offer headshots?

Yes we do. Please call our studio for more information! We offer off-site as well. Additional costs apply.

Do i get to choose how i view my proofs?

Yes, you will be asked to fill out paperwork during your check-in which gives you two options to pick from. Option 1 allows you to receive a Senior Portfolio Book which has everything you need to know about ordering as well as all the proofs to view. This also gives you online access to view and order online. The Portfolio Book is yours to keep!

Option 2 allows you to receive a Senior Portfolio Book with your online access code AND printed 4x5 previews. This options requires a $50 deposit due at the time of check-in and will go towards a portrait order. Previews are required to be returned to our studio any unreturned previews are subject to a $8/preview fee and a forfeited deposit. 

When do we get to see package pricing?

Portrait package pricing is mailed home to you based on the option you selected at check-in. You will receive this information within 10 business days after. We do have the senior portrait order form online to download and/or print. You can find this under "Ordering".


Question's Answered

Question's Answered

Senior Portrait Ordering FAQ's


where are the pose numbers located?

Pose numbers are located under each image on your session preview page(s). Please see below for an example.


Can I have my portraits mailed home?

Yes, shipping fees apply. Please call the studio if you wish to add shipping to an existing order.

When ordering announcements can I provide my own images as well?

Yes! Personal images must be on a CD cropped as 8x10 at 300DPI. 

How long would it take if I re-ordered more portraits?

Re-orders take 5-7 business days if ordered from the same poses. New poses ordered will be standard production time which takes 4-6 weeks.

Can I order previews without a package?

No, previews are available for purchase with a package purchase first. Previews are printed 4x5 unretouched without the watermark.

Do I have to return my portfolio book?

No, your portfolio book is yours to keep, reprints are available for an additional cost.

Where is my yearbook pose located?

Your yearbook pose choice is located on the inside front cover of your portfolio book or on page #5 in your session previews.

How can I order my portraits?

You can order either online using your online access code located in your portfolio book, by mailing in an order form which is located on the last page of your book or visiting our studio for one-on-one help.

What would be considered special retouching?

Special retouching includes scar removal, shiny faces, teeth whitening, glass glare, dirty feet or clothing, background adjustments, clothing adjustments, hair gaps or hair gel removal. Please refer to your portfolio book on page #24 for more details.

when should i place my order?

If you would like to have portraits before graduation you must allow 6 week processing time. If you are ordering announcements; the general rule of thumb is 6 weeks processing time + 2 weeks to label and mail + 4 weeks (minimum) advance notice to your friends and family = 12 weeks! Save the stress and order early!

*We do offer a rush service for our customers who need their portrait packages prior to the normal processing time. Additional costs apply. Please contact us for details.

can i exchange units in my package for other units of my choice?

Unfortunately not. All of our pre-existing unit packages are as is. If you want certain units we offer 4 packages that allow you to build your own package. Please refer to Page #15-16 in your portfolio book for our package options.



Can I get a digital copy of my image(s)?

Yes you can. This is available in any of our Premier Portrait Packages or as an option to add to any package ordered or as Ala carte. Please refer to page #14 in your portfolio book.

If I order announcements how long do they take to be done?

Announcements and/or inserts take approximately 3-4 weeks to produce. Custom announcements vary based on design.

What if I want printed previews instead of a portfolio book?

You have two options in how you wish to view your session. This will be decided when you check in for your portrait session. Option #1 will only be a portfolio book mailed home and Option #2 will be a portfolio book plus printed 4x5 previews. There will be a required $50 deposit if Option #2 is selected. The deposit is non-refundable and will be used towards an order.

** Previews must be returned to Now and Forever Studios. Any unreturned previews are subjected to a $8/preview charge.

Do you offer framing services?

We will gladly frame your portrait if your purchase of portraits and frames is through us.

What is a unit?

A unit is 1 -8x10  2 -5x7  4-4x5 or 8-wallets

What is the difference between Pebble and Linen?

Pebble finish has a light bumpy texture that will be on all of your images. The linen finish has a canvas-like texture on all of your images.

Can I just buy Ala Carte?

Yes! Please refer to page #17 for individual portrait pricing.

What if my portfolio book is damaged how can I view my proofs and order?

If your portfolio book is lost or damaged unfortunately there are no reprints. However, if you call our studio we can give you your access code to go online to view your proofs and order.

what is an extra pose?

An extra pose is any additional poses you wish to add to your package. Each package comes standard with their maximum poses you are allowed to use. If you wish to add another pose outside of what is included there is a $15/pose fee that will need to be applied. 

do signature wallets include actual wallets?

No, signature wallets is only a fee that will apply your student's first name and grad year on existing wallets. You cannot only purchase signature wallets without ordering wallets as well.


Orders will not be processed until at least 50% of your order total is made. 
If you paid for shipping and have a balance due, orders will not be shipped until the full balance is paid.  **We do not ship to PO Boxes
Orders will not be processed until previews are returned to the studio ( if applicable).

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